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Though all types of recruitments are significant but when it is about the permanent recruitment, you are handing over big responsibility to the person who will have significant role in your performance as well as on reputation.

Permanent recruitment is all about to hire full time employees who are anticipated to work and grow with the firm. Through permanent recruitment, the employees are hired fully on the payroll of the company. In this type of setting, the employees are liable to all the benefits which is estimated to provide by law by the company. These benefits include sick pay, tax relief, pension, entitlements, and others.

We perform follow line of actions to search the best employee, efficient and interested for the long-standing deal with the company.

  • Prepare the job description and write it professional way
  • Advertise the position
  • Search desirable candidates
  • Pre-screen all the contender who have applied for the position
  • Accomplish interview face-to-face with latest generation tools
  • We cross-check all the given information
  • We collect the references
  • Handle the necessary follow up

Every contract contains its specific set of requirements for the permanent recruitment in the different industry verticals and in other sectors. It also has specific challenges too. So, these criteria are to be seen closely to schedule the appointment. Our team holds the expertise to search the best match of all the qualities to supply the candidates having strong talents in field.

We, at Maximum International Academic Solution work with an active database of candidates. Our specialist having knowledge of key business verticals search talented candidates in the shortest time. Our department for the permanent recruitment works with the organizations of all sizes and understands their require perfectly to deliver best-fit talent across domain.